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Since early 2015, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) allows its customers to produce their own solar power and sell any excess back to the grid. This so-called ‘net metering’ allows customers to reduce their electricity bill to zero by producing up to 100% of their own electricity demand on an annual basis.

As a DEWA-licensed solar contractor, Link Light offers all services required for a full turnkey solar installation, including:

  • Design & DEWA approvals
  • Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC)
  • Testing & commissioning
  • Operation & maintenance

Shams Dubai Connection Process – source dewa website

Solar Power is the future of energy in this region – Clean, Green &available in plenty

By choosing Link Light for your solar requirements, you are joining the ever growing list of Dubai residents benefiting from solar energy (for your home or in industrial settings). Yourinvestment will save you money and also help in the fight to reduce greenhouse emissionsthereby resulting in a cleaner, greener environment for future generations. Link Light specializes in the supply and installation of the very latest Solar Photovoltaic Modules for maximizing the return on your investment.We will provide you with first class customer service, keeping you informed in every step of the process, all of our installers have successfully undertaken DEWA’s Solar PV installation training and are accredited with certification – giving you total peace of mind.

Overview – Shams Dubai Initiative

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has called for solar panels to be installed on every roof in Dubai by 2030, as part of the Emirates vision to produce 75% of its energy from clean sources by 2050. To get there in time, the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 also calls for interim targets of 7% of solar power by 2020, and 25% by 2030.

As one of the first steps to facilitate this goal, the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) created the Shams Dubai solar program in early 2015. This initiative allows DEWA customers to install solar panels on their property, and utilize the produced solar energy to reduce their monthly electricity bill. Any surplus electricity that can not be used immediately will be credited by DEWA at the retail rate, further reducing the electricity bill in the next month.

Solar panels can be installed on the roof, parking shades or on the ground, depending on available space and orientation. The best locations are clear, unobstructed roofs, parking or other areas facing south, with no shading. North-facing surfaces can be utilized with mounting structures that tilt the panels so that they face south.

Link Light is among the first solar companies in Dubai certified by DEWA to carry out solar system installation under the Shams Dubai program. The big advantage of net metering is that customers stay connected to DEWA’s grid, thereby combining the 24/7 reliability of a grid connection with the lower costs of solar energy.

Given the excellent solar radiation available in Dubai, solar power is a serious option to be considered for businesses or individuals having a large roof area along with stable loads such as factories or cold storages to reduce their electricity consumption.

To get started just provide us with some basic information about your project, and we will send you a free quote.

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In order to make the assessment process as simple and fast as possible, please have your electricity bills of the last 12 months ready. This will help us quickly understand your consumption profile and optimize the size of the solar system to maximize the savings.

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