• Projects & Contracting Services
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Shop & Office Fitouts
  • Back up power supply – Data Centers
  • Power Upgradation
  • Electrical Testing & Commissioning
  • Thermal Imaging and power logging
  • Power Factor Correction & Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance Services

Projects & Contracting Services

Electrical installation forms the foundation of our operations with its success primarily due to a loyal and professional management team that is well supported by our driven and motivated staff. Our core business is to focus on the delivery of turnkey project services to our clients. Our project services include supply, site installation, Cabling, LV Equipment installation, Commissioning, Testing and project management across a range of industry sectors.

We at Link Light Electrical Works pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and under budget with the highest quality and safety for our valued stakeholders.

From the Project Concept stage we assess the characteristics of the installation, and based on the client’s plant and equipment requirements, determine load and propose suitable protection systems, carry out cable calculations, and engineer the associated control systems. Using AutoCAD all construction drawings comprising of general arrangements, wiring looping layouts, single line diagrams and load schedules are given to the worksite for the installation phase.

Our dedicated project managers supervise every stage of the project while coordinating with all other trades involved ensuring smooth operations of site works. On completion the final marked up copies are returned to our drawing office and used to generate 'As Built' copies.

With Careful planning and attention to detail we can assure that projects under taken by us are delivered to our customer’s highest satisfaction at all times.

Electrical Works @ 2B+G+9 at AL Muhaisnah Main Contractor Central Contracting LLC

Engineering Solutions

We have the experience required to execute projects with our team from design through to operation with our dedicated installation and contract engineers. LLE works with a wide range of companies over different sectors in the design phase of new projects to create an electrical installation that is just right for the end user. We provide a complete range of services, including:

  • Concept electrical design and budgeting
  • Detailed design and approvals
  • Installation, Service and maintenance

LLE is a DEWA Approved Contractor and ensures that all installations are carried out to conform to the latest legislation.

Electrical Energy Management Systems

  • Review and audit of electrical energy consumption
  • Review of electrical energy forecasting and cost analysis
  • Recommend and design energy management systems to control demands

Electrical Design for Low Voltage Systems

  • Substation and RMU room and trench dimension details as per DEWA for power upgrades.
  • Electrical room design for LV distribution and control operations as per DEWA rules.
  • MCC and general distribution board designs.
  • Cable selection and installation requirements as per DEWA regulations.
  • Motor starter panel systems including DOL, Star Delta, VFD panels etc...
  • Backup power system for LV related systems

Shop & Office Fitouts

Link Light Electrical offers a range of commercial electrical services for office fitouts, including but not limited to power, data/voice cabling and containment, lighting and security services, UPS and backup power related cabling works for server rooms/ data centers etc.

We are dedicated in our commitment to supply all our clients with a high standard of workmanship and products to complete their project. We are aware of the tight deadlines and restrictions placed on projects and the importance of coming in on time and on budget. Our approvals team handles all of the necessary permissions and DEWA approvals.

Eaton office @ Dubai Technopark. Main Contractor: Design Infinity LLC

The services we offer – but are not limited to include:

  • New office & shop builds
  • Retail Shop & Office fitouts
  • Kiosk Builds & Fitouts
  • Mains cabling
  • Power Distribution – Installation and maintenance
  • Lighting Dimming Control
  • Installation of Motion/Occupancy sensors
  • Exit & Emergency light supply and installation
  • Data & communications containment and cabling works
  • Security & CCTV systems containment and cabling works
  • BMS containment and cabling works
  • Audio Visual Systems containment and cabling works
  • Temporary power and metering arrangements for construction purpose
  • Switchboards – SMDB, DB's, isolators and control panels

Retails shops @ Mall of the Emirates. Main Contractor: Impact Angle LLC

Serco office @ Rolex tower, Main Contractor Design Infinity

Back up power supply – Data Centers

Uninterruptible Power Systems and related electrical systems for Data Centers

An essential part of any business contingency plan, is having a backup power supply. As part of our Electrical & Data Cabling service, we can setup and install an uninterruptible power source for your office. Backup methods are necessary to prevent unscheduled downtime or data loss due to power outages, and an Uninterruptible Power Supply system helps recover from unexpected power loss or power fluctuations From this system it’s possible to power servers, IT hardware, phone systems and other essential parts of the business. Battery backup will power on when electricity mains fail, and will continue for a few minutes to allow for the safe closing down of the system.

Power Upgradation

Power upgrade for existing facility in compliance with DEWA regulations.

As a DEWA approved contractor we are well placed to help our clients to upgrade their existing connected load/power from DEWA. Be it additional load required for new machineries, Air conditioning load (chillers), a new office block or even an extension of an existing factory, we are always providing our customers with cost effective solutions to achieve their business ambitions or expansion plans. Our team will first study the proposed additional load requirementand then based on existing as-built documentations and site visits provide our proposal. We inform the client the step-by-step processes involved and a tentative time frame required for their power upgrade. We are able to provide a complete solution for the DEWA power upgrade in terms of design/drafting works, liaison with DEWA departments and site work execution including switchgear modification and installation works.

Once the client specific requirement is clear our team will coordinate with DEWA authorities with every step of the additional load approval process such as NOC application, Shop drawing preparation based on NOC status, Follow Up update on substation and LV drawing approval; Follow Up update on estimation and HV inspection , LV Inspection and meter connection.

If you are looking to expand your operations and are in need of additional load and power for your existing warehouse/facility please Contact Us.

Electrical Testing & Commissioning

LLE can carry out inspections in order to verify that the low voltage installation complies with the design drawings, the specification and the relevant local and international requirements. All test activities will be recorded on our acceptance sheets and can be witnessed by the accepting authority.

This information is invaluable and will ensure that all your systems are fit for purpose and safe.

Currently we are conducting the following low voltage testing services for our clients:-

  • "Cold" Testing – Insulation Resistance Testing
  • "Live" testing – Loop Impedance Testing
  • Switchboard/ Final DB’s testing (including ELCB testing)
  • Continuity and polarity testing of final light and power circuits

Thermal Imaging and power logging

Thermographic Surveys and Inspections

Most commercial fires are the result of an electrical fault such as faulty wiring, overloaded switchboards, or just poor electrical design in the first place. A fire can be devastating for a business including the loss of the business, jobs, income, water, or stock damage and at best interruption.

LLE carries out surveys on switchgears, control panels, motors and controls and all accessible items of distribution equipment using infrared imaging to detect and locate faults which could lead to system failure or the initiation of any hazards and fire.

In general Thermal Imager is used to:

  • Identify "hot spots" in your Electrical System
  • Formulate preventative maintenance programs
  • Heating and Ventilation (HVAC) trouble shooting
  • Industrial / Commercial Electrical
  • The main switch and terminal
  • Distribution Boards
  • Terminal Chambers
  • Contactor, overloads and control relays
  • Report made for each, complete with comments and recommended action.

The most common applications are in the Industrial and Commercial areas to evaluate the main Switchboard, Terminals, Distribution Boards, Contactors, Overloads, and Control Relays.

Power Logging

Link Light Electrical uses a Fluke Power Logger which can be temporarily connected to your electrical system to measure Kilo Watt Hour(kWh), voltage, current, watts, volt-amps-reactive, power factor and harmonics.

This enables us to:

  • Identify types of energy use for your business
  • Identify patterns and total Electrical Consumption
  • Compile a report with comments and recommended action
  • Potentially lower your electrical upgrade costs
  • Test your Electrical System
  • Compile a report with comments and recommended action
  • Provide quotation for repair or replacement if necessary

The Thermal Imager can also be used in conjunction with a Data Logger to get a complete picture of your electrical system and energy usage.

If you are interested in reducing your electrical costs or becoming more energy efficient please Contact Us

Power Factor Correction & Maintenance

LLE provides power factor correction for large commercial and industrial factories and corporate offices and businesses alike wanting to reduce their energy demand costs. This form of energy efficiency is particularly suitable where large starting currents are required and the power factor is brought to an undesirable level.The solution to the power factor problem is to put just the right amount of capacitance across the line. Power Factor Correction is the process of maximizing the efficiency of an electrical system to deliver the most possible power as active power.

Power Factor Correction Advantages:

  • Reduced demand charges
  • Increased load carrying capabilities in existing circuits
  • Improved Voltage
  • Reduced Power losses in system
  • Reduced Carbon footprint

Maintenance of Capacitor Banks

It is important that regular inspections are carried out to help prevent an early failure and pick-up any faults. Capacitor problems can be caused by a variety of factors, especially when the capacitors in question are nearing the end of their operating life cycle due to voltage transient and high harmonic conditions.

In the event of a fault, rather than replacing an entire capacitor bank, LLE can repair individual capacitors within your capacitor bank, thereby improving your power system’s power factor in the quickest and most economical way.

Our routine Capacitor (P.F) Bank Maintenance covers the following:

  • Ensure all fuses are not damaged
  • Ensure all contactors are operational
  • Ensure all discharge resistors are operational
  • Ensure tightness of all electrical connections
  • Remove all dust and deposit build-up
  • Check and clean filters

To learn more about our power factor correction services & how they can benefit your company, please Contact Us today

Electrical Maintenance Services

Link Light Electrical Works LLCspecializes in planned and reactive electrical maintenance of commercial assets and properties. By maintaining plant and equipment in the optimum condition, their life should be maximized, and energy costs reduced. LLEprovides the simplicity of having a single point of contact that takes care of all repairs and maintenance, orders parts, maintains records of warranties, reminds you when services are due and provides you with job feedback and reports.

Our dedicated team is ready to work with you to help your business, high-rise, rental property, shop front, or factory run as efficiently as possible.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Annual Maintenance Schedules
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Fault repairs
  • Circuit testing
  • Switchgear maintenance
  • Capacitor Bank Maintenance
  • ACB Maintenance of LV Panels
  • RCD Testing

Electrical Maintenance services and preventative measures are vital to ensure your home or workplace is safe and operating efficiently and effectively. We can provide a Preventative Maintenance Schedule, which assists in avoiding the expensive costs of repairs or replacements in the future.

Whatever your electrical maintenance requirements across Dubai and the Northern emirates you can trust the experts at Link Light; In the unfortunate event that a breakdown does occur, large or small, LLE is there to answer your call. Contact Us to arrange a full survey and quotation.